EPCs are changing…

EPCs for England, Wales and Northern Ireland are changing, the important dates for all EPC Register changes will be released in the near future.

This will affect all domestic & commercial EPCs & DECs. The changes will not affect Scottish EPCs, however, changes are planned in Scotland later in the year.

Why is this happening?
MHCLG have decided to host the combined E&W and NI EPC register via a .gov website, to meet the strategic goals that have been set for Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES). This will simplify the access and use of EPCs by the public and key stakeholders.

What is changing?
The main change for building owners & occupiers to be aware of is that all certificates will no longer be PDF files, but will be hosted online instead. The look and content of the certificates is also changing.

Other changes include:
The address search will change from the current Landmark addresses and UPRNs to one based on Ordnance Survey.
From the change over date, there will no longer be access to the current Landmark EPC Register.
All previously lodged EPCs will be migrated to the new register prior to launch.
EPC Referencing will likely change from the current 20 digit RRN number to a 20 digit alphanumeric phrase.
Finding an Energy Assessor is changing to make it more user friendly.

For more details of the changes or anything else related to EPCs, get in touch with CHBS now…

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